Online Payments Portal
Making payments to Bobby Ray LIVE Electronically

Click on the Pay Now button above.  On the next page enter the dollar amount being
paid and then click "Continue" below the box where the dollar amount was entered.

On the following page you will be able to make payment using any major credit card,
debit card, or a Pay Pal account.

Once the payment has been processed and approved, you will receive an email that
acknowledges that your payment was received that can be printed for your records.

Disclaimer - All Payments are handled by Pay Pal and are facilitated on their servers.
User agrees to hold Bobby Ray LIVE blameless and free of all legal and financial responsibility for sending
payments through Pay Pal. By using Pay Pal to send payments, user agrees to these terms and conditions.

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Bobby Ray LIVE. Using Pay Pal to send payments indicates acceptance by user of these terms and conditions.